Federica Montaresi

Head of Studies, Special Projects, Innovation and Institutional Relations, Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea, Italy

Federica Montaresi works at the Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea as “Head of Studies, Special Projects, Innovation and Institutional Relations”

Civil Engineer with 15 years of experience in the management of European Projects, she has a good experience as senior project manager in cooperation projects and in the management of technical projects concerning environmental solutions, logistics, intermodal freight transport, green freight corridors, Green Ports, Motorways of the Sea, marketing analysis regarding new potential inland markets linked to ports, new IT solutions to reduce the complexity in logistic operations along the supply chain including e-customs, e-freight and e-maritime processes.

Specific activities and roles within the Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea (Ports of La Spezia and Marina di Carrara):
-    Responsible of the IT development and Digital Strategy of the Port Authority, e-government processes and digitalization of the supply chain;

-    Responsable of the Port Community System of the Port of La Spezia;

-    Technical coordinator in projects development of ICT services and digitalization of logistics processes (goods tracking and tracing and use of RFID technologies)
-    Project Manager of the pilot action regarding the digitalization of the logistics chain under the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement Italy - Korea involving the Port of La Spezia and the port of Busan;
-    Project Coordinator of the European project WiderMos funded under the TEN-T MOS 2012
-    Responsible of the management of projects’ activities (participation in more than 20 projects as partner) under the EU programmes;
-    Responsible of the project proposals preparation for the transport, logistics and environmental issues regarding the Port of La Spezia to be submitted to the various European programmes and the Next Generation EU plan;
-    Coordinator of the submission of studies, projects and work documents concerning the role of the port of La Spezia in the TEN-T network;
-    Member of Corridor Forum SCANMED;

-    Member of the Corrdor Forum MED;

-    Spokesperson of the Terminal Advisory Board - Rail Freight Corridor SCANMED;

-   Coordinator of the Green Ports projects submitted by the Port Authority in the Italian Next Generation EU;

-    Member of the EU DTLF, Digital Transport & Logistics Forum (2015-2018 and 2018-2023)
-    Member of the “Intermodal and Logistics” ESPO Committee, delegated by Assoporti Italian Sea Ports Organization

-   President and CEO of La Spezia Shunting Railways - the railways company manager of the shunting operations in the port of La Spezia and in the dry port of S. Stefano Magra (2017-2020)

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