Doug Witschi

Assistant Director, Cybercrime Threat Response, Interpol

With over three decades of criminal investigations experience at State, National, and International
levels. Doug has experience and expertise in:
• Cybercrime
• Counter Terrorism
• specialist investigations, including Homicide and task force policing
• Senior leadership roles taking responsibility for large organisational change programs;
transnational criminal and intelligence investigations, and covert policing operations.
In August 2018, Doug was seconded by Australia to INTERPOL Global Centre for Innovation in
In February 2020 he was tasked to establish the Cybercrime Treat Response capability in INTERPOL.
Facing the global challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, he lead his team in responding to issues of
Ransomware attacks against hospitals and critical infrastructure across many countries around the
world, targeted Cyber scammers and cybercriminals that were using COVID-19 as a lure, and
developed response and disruption strategies to mitigate the global threats being faced by many
of the communities around the world.
In June 2020 he was tasked to reinvigorate INTERPOL’s Cybercrime Operations capability. He
spends his time building productive and enduring relationships with member countries, private
public partners and other key stakeholders in the fight against Cybercrime.
He espouses and practices, “Together we can make a difference”

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