Sergio Del Grosso

Dirigente/Manager, Agcom, Italy

I started working in AGCOM in 1998, at the beginning as Technical and economical counsellor of a Commissioner and at the same time as part of the start-up group dealing with the first AGCOM dossiers. Then, I worked as official at the the Monitoring and Verifying Department and finally at the Consumer protection directorate where in 2009 I was promoted to Head of Unit.
During my professional experience in AGCOM I was responsible of preparatory proceedings about economic analysis and transparency of the tariffs and tariffs plans offered by the operators and about consumer protection in general.
Particularly, I am the Head of Unit in charge of the implementation of the provisions of the «Legge Bersani » n.40/2007 and and of special projects focused on the consumer protection as « », « », « Sistema Informativo Nazionale per la Banda Larga », « » and « Classificazione DecoderTV ».
Within these projects, I'm cooperating with the Ministries in charge of the developing of the broadband in Italy and all the stakeholders.
I'm representing AGCOM in the ”END USER Expert Working Group” at BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications).
Since 2020, I am the Head of Surveillance Unit in the Electronic Communications Networks and Services Directorate who monitors, among others, on the subject of equal treatment and technical, qualitative and economic non-discrimination in the event of use of access infrastructures and services. shared (equivalence and conditions of technical and economic replicability).

I handle relations with the Supervisory Body on Equal Access to the TIM network (OdV) and the sanctioning proceedings against electronic communications operators and physical infrastructure providers.

I coordinate and chair the work of the "Technical Committee on the security of electronic communications"

Finally, I am responsible of the Consumers guide: “Consumers rights in the electronic communication market” published on the AGCOM website. Furthermore, I was in charge of the organisation of the Training courses on regulatory and technical topics related to the electronic communication sector for the Consumer protection associations ‘representatives.
I'm the author of the free Android application “CONSUMERISMO” published in the GOOGLE PLAY STORE and installed by about 20.000 users.

I have been teaching in some Italian Universities (Università degli Studi di Siena, Università degli Studi di Perugia) on the above mentioned topics.


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