elisabetta zuanelli

Emeritus Full professor, University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy

Elisabetta Zuanelli Docens Turris Virgatae, Emeritus, since 2016 Since 2005 Full Professor, Chair of Glottodidactics / Digital Communication University of Rome"Tor Vergata", Faculty of Economy Since 2007 President of the Center for Research and Development on EContent (CReSEC, www.cresec.com) University of Rome "Tor Vergata " UE Expert 2005 -2007 in eContent Plus and security project/evaluator of projects 2005-2006 2005-2007 Responsible for technological innovation Faculty of Humanities of the University ofRome"Tor Vergata" since 2012 Expert for the Ministry of Education and University in Industrial Research Projects (Ministerial Decree n. 30 / Ric. February 2, 2012) 2010-2013 Member and Referee of the Scientific Committee/ International Referee for IEEE /MEEM (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Multidisciplinary Engineering Education Magazine) 2012 Scientific Director of the online platform for the Ministry of Health, www.moltiplicalavita.it (THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC GIORGIO NAPOLITANO ACCORDED THE PROJECT THE MEDAL OF REPRESENTATION) since 2013 Coordinator of the steering committee on information Security (University of Rome“Tor Vergata”, CNR, Guardia di Finanza, etc.) since 2016 Coordinator of the National Plan for education and training in cybersecurity,cyberthreat and privacy, Private Public Partnership, University of Rome “Tor Vergata” companies and institutions (www.cybersecurityprivacy.it) 2016-2020 Member of the board of directors of CDTI since 2017 Scientific Responsible for the interdisciplinary Master in “Digital competences for data protection, cybersecurity, privacy”, University of Roma “Tor Vergata”/PPP 2020 Cybersecurity Conference: Cybersecurity nelle Infrastrutture critiche: tipologie di rischio e risposte di sistema, Rome, 21 January, University of Rome “Tor Vergata since 2020 Expert Roundtable Since 2020 3C on AI at the UN for a multi-stakeholder advisory body on global AI cooperation 1975-1982 Researcher and aggregate professor / University of Venice 1982-2004 Associate Professor of Glottodidactics/ University of Venice 1987-1993 Member of the International Committee UNESCO-Linguapax Project 1988-1996 Scientific Secretary of the Project REDILME, UNESCO - University of Venice (Documentation and Information Network on minority languages in Europe) 1987-1992 Counsellor on Public Communication of the President of the Council of Ministers 1990 Expert/Delegate for the Cultural Cooperation of the Pentagonal Initiative, Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs 1993 to 2004 Head of the Department of organizational-computing sciences, Higher School of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Economy and Finance 1993-2004 Professor of Public Communication at the Higher School of Economy and Finance (Tax School), Ministry of Economy and Finance since 2000 President of PRAGMEMA srl, www.pragmema.it : architectural solutions for Internet projects/ knowledge communication architecture/ usability & accessibility software; elearning platforms; search engines (www.pragmema.it, www.aquasearchportal.it, iconanalytics, AI ontologies,cybersecurity ontology platformPOC) RESEARCH SUBJECTS Contrastive analysis: phonology and phonetics; error analysis of communication; theories of communication; communication skills; educational sociolinguistics; multilingual minority languages; pragmalinguistics; institutional public communication; normative communication; digital communication; semiotics of interface design, technology architectures, elearning; intelligent platforms and digital services; search engines development research; multidisciplinary approaches to e-content / IT infomation security; AI modelling; iconic syntax and indexing; cybersecurity ontologies. International Associations 1983-1994 - UNESCO consultant in language education and planning sociolinguistics (Paris); since 1984 - member of AILA / GILA (Italian Group of Applied Linguistics, AILA affiliate: Mother Tongue Education, Multilingual Education, Psycholinguistics); - Member of IRA (International Reading Association); - Member dell'AIMAV (Association Internationale pour le Développement de la Communication interculturelle); 1985-1992 ISALP Member (International Society for Applied Psycholinguistics); 1986-1993 Scientific Secretariat REDILME (International network for and information on less Widely taught languages, UNESCO - University of Venice); since 1989 member of the board of directors 1985-1986 Consultant and member of the Commission on Public Communication/Ministry of Economy; 1987-1988 Counsellor of the President of the Council of Ministers; 1988-1992 Counsellor for Information and Communication at the Presidency of Council of Ministers - Ministry of Social Affairs; 1988-1991 - Coordinator of the Study Group on the Right to Information in Italy, Presidency of the Council of Ministers; Coordinator of Information Systems in Social Affairs, Ministry of the Interior; AIMAV - Coordinator of the Committee for the media-technological communication of disabled people; - President Socialforum / communication technologies for people with disabilities; coordinating committee for the right to information and communication of disabled people; 1991-1992 - Counsellor for the information of the Minister of Agriculture; - Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture at the General Committee of Italians Abroad / Ministry of Foreign Affairs; 1992 Scientific Director and Coordinator of the Project for Research on Readability of the texts of the PA/ Ministry of Agriculture / AGRISIEL; 1992-1993 Director of institutional communication of the Minister of Finance; 1992-1993 Scientific Director of the Institutional Communication Plan of the Ministry of Finance; 1993-1999 Coordinator of the Department of organizational and computer sciences at the Ministry of Finance, Central Tax School "E. Vanoni"; - Scientific coordinator and coordinator of projects: computer training for the financial administration (FIAF- elearning); experimentation of distance learning; institutional communication; language training; computer training; safety project L 626; 1998-2000i) training for the decentralization of the Land Registry (Agreement ANCI /Territory Department - Ministry of Finance) ii) Reform of Revenue offices 14) 1991 (ed.) Il diritto all'informazione in Italia, Rome, Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, Dipartimento per l'Informazione e l'Editoria, Poligrafico dello Stato Main publications (15) 2000 (ed.) Manuale di comunicazione istituzionale: teoria e applicazioni per aziende e amministrazioni pubbliche, Rome, Colombo (2° ed. 2002) (16) 2004 (ed.) Manuale di economia della conoscenza, Rome, Colombo (17) 2006 Manuale di linguaggio, comunicazione e applicazioni digitali, Rome,Colombo (18) 2009 Comunicazione digitale. Un approccio semiologico-linguistico, Rome, Colombo (19) 2009 Glottodidattica. Dalle scienze del linguaggio all'educazione plurilingue, Rome, Edizioni Nuova Cultura (20) 2012 with P.Pomati (eds.), Moltiplicalavita, Rome, Aracne (20) 2012 (ed.) Comunicazione digitale e comunicazione in Rete, Rome, Aracne (21) 2013 Amministrazione digitale e innovazione tecnologica, Rome, Aracne (22) 2016 (ed.), Il futuro dell’economia digitale, Rome, Aracne (23) 2016 Architetture digitali e comunicazione digitale, Rome, Aracne (24) 2020 Cybersecurity, protezione dei dati, privacy, Rome, Aracne 1979-1982 General editor series: Quaderni della ricerca, documentazione, sperimentazione linguistica, Comune di Venezia - Assessorato alla Pubblica Istruzione /Università di Venezia - Centro Linguistico Interfacoltà/University of Venice General editor of the online journal Comunicazione digitale, Rome, Aracne General editor of the Web series, Rome, Aracne Over 100 essays articles on applied linguistics, digital communication, software architectures, Ai/ ontologies Recent essays for digital sciences Zuanelli E. (2010), “Digital communication and sites architecture: a semiotic-linguistic approach: Guidelines for Web Design”, Comunicazione digitale 3, 5-23 (see http://www.euprio.org/getfile.php/Filer/proceedings%202010/Papers%5CZua….) ------ (2013)” Elearning content 'usability': semiotic and didactic parameters in digital texts and textuality”, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 106, 1039-1049 ------- (2015) “Icons and Icons: New Paradigms in Interface Design”, The Online Journal of Science and Technology, October 2015, Vol. 5, Issue 4,44-56 ------- (2018) “The cybersecurity ontology platform: the POC solution”, ASREN, Proceedings of e-AGE 2017

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