Mattia Fantinati

Member of OECD Parliamentary Group on AI; Member of the House of Representatives, Italian Parliament, Italy

The Hon. Mattia Fantinati is currently serving as a Member of the House of Representatives (“Camera dei Deputati”) within the Italian Parliament. His main areas of interest are Digital Transformation In Government And Innovation Management In Public And Private Organizations. He has been appointed by United Nation’s Secretary General member of MAG (MultistakeholderAdvisory Group). Its purpose is to advise the Secretary-General on the IGF (Internet Governance Forum). Mattia is the president of IGF of Italy (Internet Governance Forum) and he has been contributing to the organization of EuroDIG since 2019. At the United Nations Mattia represents Italy at the roundtables of the HLPDC (High Level Panel of Digital Cooperation). He is the president of Parliamentary Intergroup: “Digital Transformation and Internet Governance” and besides he is amember of OECD Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence. From 2019 to 2021 he was appointed Special Advisor to the Minister of Digitalization and Innovation. For the Italian Government he followed IGF (Internet Governance Forum) initiatives supporting the debate related to “A Contract for the Web” and “Internet Bill of Rights”. He was involved in EuroDIG for several years as speaker and contributing to the organization. From 2018 to 2019 Mattia participated in the First Cabinet of the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, acting as Undersecretary of State for Public Administration in the Office of the Prime Minister. During his tenure his main objective was to improve performance of Public Administrations (both nationally and locally) and to reduce expenditure by using new technology. He focused on programs for re-skilling and up-skilling management and introduced a new assessment system based on citizen satisfaction. He regularly attends the meetings and seminars on Digital Transformation held by the most influential international agencies (ITU, WSIS, CES, E-Leaders, OECD, Cybertech, IPU on digitalization). As a Member of Parliament, Mattia sits on Permanent Commission of the Italian House of Representatives: Foreign Affairs and besides on the commission of Artificial Intelligence of Italian Parliament. Mattia is an engineer by education and training. He attended programs at Bocconi School of Management and at the Manchester Metropolitan University and the London School of Economics. As an engineer, he was a member of the Council of the Italian Society of Engineers of Verona (“CONSIGLIO DEGLI INGEGNERI”), where he addressed topics related to IT and Digital Transformation.

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