The Conference

Serving as a global dialogue on threats and solutions affecting the global community, the Cybertech conference offers a chance for participants to learn about the most innovative approaches to cyber by some of the most prominent experts from the industry. The Cybertech conference is comprised of a Main Plenary and parallel sessions that are all part of the main agenda—along with Special Events that cover sector-specific topics. 

Showcasing cutting-edge innovation and new possibilities, the conference will revolve around the latest in protection and security with topics including active defense, zero-trust, collaborative law enforcement, and education. Other sessions will be dedicated to diversity and fostering new talent while providing a window into the future,  with next-gen technologies relevant to everything from advanced machine learning to telehealth and quantum computing. The conference will also include regional and industry-specific sessions on various topics such as FinSec, cyber investments, 5G telecommunications, space, maritime and aviation security. 

Leonardo and Accenture